Smoky Mountain Home Watch


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Home Servicesimage10

  • Water plants (inside and out)
  • Alarm activation response (on behalf of the homeowner)
  • Pet feeding and walking
  • Mail Collection
  • Cleaning off leaves/debris off decks & walkways
  • Checking a stored vehicle
  • Appliance monitoring
  • Floral arrangements and delivery
  • image16Smoke or carbon dioxide detector battery replacement
  • Run washer, dryer and dishwasher on quick cycle to maintain proper operation
  • Contractor/pest control/HVAC work supervision

Home Opening Services

  • Turn on HVAC system to desired temperature 24 hrs before client arrival
  • Turn on water heater
  • Prepare hot tub/spa for use
  • Food and beverage shopping and stocking
  • Set clocks/timers to proper times

Home Cleaning

  • sweeperInsect (ladybug ect.) removal around windows and doors
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Linen refresh or wash
  • Dish, utensil, and glass washing
  • Lights on service
  • Carpet refreshing with steamer cleaner (up to 4 rooms) Permanent stains will not be removed

Pre and Post Storm Assessments and Preparation

  • stormSecuring outside furniture to prevent damage
  • Resetting electric panels
  • Exterior structure inspection to detect any damage
  • Water damage/flooding survey of home
  • On property downed trees and limb survey